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A year at Mariager Bible College is packed with experiences and challenges, teaching & friendship.



“I have found that my actions are more and more in line with what I believe and say. I have made peace with God, and it has become natural to do good deeds, because I have begun to understand that it is not my actions that determine God’s love for me. I have also gained a stronger discipline, which among other things has led me to lose 14 kilos in one year.”



”I came to the College without really any sense of what I was going to spend my life on. But I was given the opportunity to develop my talent as an actor, and have now, out of 200,000 applicants, come through the eye of the needle to the World Championships in Performing Arts. I thought I should choose between God and my abilities, but have discovered that God actually wants to use my talents to honor him.”



“A few years ago, I had a very clear sense that I was to become a minister, and that because of this I should attend Mariager Bible College. I have acquired a solid foundation in evangelical theology and have also simultaneously had the opportunity to develop as a preacher in my local church. Furthermore it has been amazing to be able to get really close to the teachers here at the school, because they themselves have been ministers, and they have been able to share precious knowledge with me.”



”The community here at the school has actually become my second family. I needed a network of other believers I could identify with, and I can honestly say that I have made friends for life. You live close to each other, and especially on the journeys, many of your good, but also ugly sides, become apparent. It has been fantastic to experience the school’s incredibly supportive and encouraging culture.”


Your stay at Mariager Bible College takes you out to experience the world. Each year has three major trips, two of which are included in the payment.


expands your horizons for ways to do church.


England Norway Belgium Czech Republic Slovakia Faroe Islands Latvia Estonia


challenges you to service related to your chosen track.


Greece England USA Philippines Tyrkey Austria


gives you a unique opportunity to explore the places where the foundation stone of the Bible was laid.


Malta (2020) Italy Spain Tyrkey Israel


PhD in NT theology and author of books about Pentecostal theology – Former lecturer at Regent Theological College, UK


PhD and pastor — Livdin, Torshavn


MA and pastor — Projekt:Kirke, Hjørring


Pastor and founder of Church Academy Life Church — Bradford, UK


Master in Sociology and Pastor — Vineyard, Aalborg

ANDREAS MATHEW Pastor and entrepreneur — Projekt:Kirke, Hjørring

PAUL SANDERSON School Pastor and social worker — Littlehampton, UK

DAN S. JACOBI Senior Pastor — Citykirken, Aalborg

TONNY JACOBSEN PhD and Pastor — Bykirken Vejle

MIKAEL LAURSEN MA, Pastor and Secretary-General — FrikirkeNet, København

JAKOB VAGNER MA and Pastor — Roskilde Baptistkirke

KENT JAKOBSEN MA and Pastor — Den Evangeliske Frikirke, Randers

METTE VILLERUP Pastor — Holstebro Pinsekirke

MARIANNE RIIS Priest — Københavns Kristne Kulturcenter

JØRN HYLDGAARD Evangelist — Åbenkirke, Herning

This is a selection of 30-40 guest teachers who, together with Mariager Bible College’s teaching staff, invest in the teaching every year.

It is possible to study an internationally approved AlphaCrusis bachelor’s degree for three years at Mariager Bible College, at the same time as you develop your gifts in active service.

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The best presentation of Mariager Bible College is Mariager Bible College. Therefore, we would like to invite you to visit us. Choose two days that suit you and get “all inclusive” completely free. Many do, and the response is always the same: Thank you, more please! Contact us via form / email or call us and book your stay.

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