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Do you feel inspired? Do you need more information, or do you have questions? Write us a message and add your phone number, and we will call you.

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Mariager Højskole Hjulhusvej 12b DK-9550 Mariager

(+45) 9668 2700

    Experience Mariager Bible College 2 days for free!

    The best presentation of Mariager Bible College is Mariager Bible College. Therefore, we would like to invite you to visit us. Choose two days that suit you and get “all inclusive” completely free. Many do, and the response is always the same: Thank you, more please! Contact us via form / email or call us and book your stay.

    Example of a visit

    Monday: Arrival in the evening. You will be greeted by a tutor who will accommodate you and introduce you to the school facilities and your first high school friends.

    Tuesday: Join the morning meeting, teaching, possibly. electives and the Connect service and café in the evening.

    Onsdag: Join the teaching (possibly another line), and have a coach conversation with a teacher, followed by an introduction to what your high school stay might look like.

    Meet us

    Leif Petterson
    Leif PettersonPrincipal
    Principal. Head of teaching. The school’s theological oracle, coffee nerd and bookworm.
    Tina Wirtz
    Tina WirtzVice principal
    Head of administration. Lively, happy to travel and a northern Jutlander you can count on.
    Simon Linde
    Simon LindeTeacher
    Teaches theology, ethics and everything in between. AGF in the heart, ‘PASSION’ tattooed on the arm.
    Mikael Iversen
    Mikael IversenTeacher
    Responsible of mission. Sucker for adventures, challenges og people around him.
    Christina Kristensen
    Christina KristensenTeacher
    Responsible of worship, performing arts and music. Constant colour generator to everything that tends to be grey. #pink
    Jonathan Bisgaard
    Jonathan BisgaardGuest teacher
    Responsible of Ministry. Trendsetter and the closest you get to a superhero without a disguise.
    Peter Senholt
    Peter SenholtTeacher
    Responsible for performing arts. Excellent in creative preaching, understanding the situation and top gifted with social IQ.
    Peter Makovini
    Peter MakoviniTeacher
    Academic dean. Consists of 100% well analysed, well-reflected thoughts … and a tremendous sense of humor.
    Christoffer Højegaard
    Christoffer HøjegaardTeacher
    Worshipper to the bone. He has a funny spot in the eye, and the most beautiful laugh.
    Mads Houe Sørensen
    Mads Houe SørensenPart-time teacher
    Musical genius with absolute hearing. Master of 5 instruments + a skateboard.
    Heidi Klentz
    Heidi KlentzPart-time teacher
    Artist and conversation guro. Always has several students under her wings.
    Maria Iversen
    Maria IversenPart-time teacher
    Psychologist, mother with a capital M and the best in the world to talk to.
    Jørn Hyldgaard
    Jørn HyldgaardPart-time teacher
    Guest lecturer at ‘Church & Leadership’. Popular evangelist with national influence.
    David Jakobsen
    David JakobsenPart-time teacher
    Guest lecturer at ‘Philosophy & Analytics’. Ph.d. Genius in theology and philosophy.
    Marianne Johnson
    Marianne JohnsonSecretary
    Responsible for administration. Spontaneous, lively, straight-forward and always present. The one who can answer (almost) all your questions.