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This is how you apply

1. Apply

Your stay at the Mariager Bible College starts with a simple registration. Press the following button to start:

2. Application form

In the confirmation email you find a link to an application formular where you can expand the information about you.

3. Welcome letter

We confirm your application and first payment and send you an email with extended information on what you need.

4. Start up

Welcome to Mariager Bible College. When you arrive you receive a tutor who will introduce you to the college life.

5. Schedule

During your first week you make your schedule, chose ministry and electives together with your personal coach, who will assist you throughout the year.

Start here


Regulations & rules

To be accepted into the Mariager Bible College you must be 18 years of age at the start of the starting date.

The Mariager Bible College rest on seven principal regulations:

  1. You attend all teaching
  2. You are on time
  3. You attend church every Sunday
  4. You fulfill your duties such as cleaning, dishwashing etc.
  5. You agree to our non-drug and non-alcohol policy inside as well as outside the school
  6. You reserve sex for marriage
  7. You contribute in creating a kind and helpful environment for students as well as teachers and guest teachers

With the application you confirm to have read and agreed with the above. You also acknowledge that in the case of breaching regulation (5) or (6) the Bible College reserves the right to end your stay.

Goals and values

Our goals are

  1. Daily teaching
  2. Weekly ministry
  3. Monthly coaching.

The college is built on the values of

  • Fellowship
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Confidentiality.

To attend the Bible College, you have to be part of a committed fellowship. The school believes in a healthy and purposeful environment where all students are committed to goals, values and regulations.


The first rate of two weeks fee advance payment must be included with this application. Please note that this payment is non-refundable, should you decide not to start at Mariager Bible College. Your application will be processed once we have received the first payment. The monthly fees are paid 4 weeks up front. If you for any reason terminate your stay before completing the year, you must give four weeks notice. If you leave before the 4 weeks, you must still pay for those weeks. This also applies if you have been expelled. If you want/need extra leave during the school year, the school will not receive grants for the weeks you are absent. Therefore you have to pay for the period of absence.


Your payment for the stay at the school covers about everything, but please pay attention to the following areas where the schools insurance does not cover, and consider if you need supplementary insurance yourself:

(a) Private property (Your belongings, clothes, computer, mobile phone etc.). (b) Accidents (eg. during sports) (c) Responsibility (If you during your stay cause damages). (d) Travel insurance (luggage is not covered by the schools travelinsurance). For futher information on insurance, please contact our offices.

Holiday and sparetime

You have spare time, whenever there are no lessons or other duties that has to be done. The weekend begins after the last lesson Friday and ends Sunday. Only the Headmaster can grant any other leave. If you want to take time off or vacation during the stay, the school will not receive state support during the weeks you are absent. Therefore, you pay school fees during the period of absence.