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Each month contains a series of unique experiences that follow the school’s annual cycle. See also an overview of important dates such as the beginning or end of each school year.

School year 19/20

Day Dates
Start up Sunday – August 19th 2019
Ending / Graduation Thursday – 2 juli 2020
Autumn holiday Week 42 – October 12-20th 2019
Christmas December 21st 2019 – January 4th 2020
Easter break April 9-13th – 2020

School year 20/21

Day Dates
Start up August 16th 2020, October 18th 2020, January 3rd 2021, February 21st 2021
Ending / Graduation Friday – June 26th 2020
Autumn holiday Week 42 – October 10th-18th 2020
Christmas December 19th 2020 – January 3rd 2021
Easter break April 1st – 5th 2021

During the holiday weeks, you can only stay at the school if you have an agreement with the school’s office. You are not paying for these weeks, but are allowed to leave your things in your room.