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Ideas for fundrasing

To pay for staying at Mariager Bible College does not have to be unmanageable. Sit down and make a realistic budget to get an overview of your expenses and how you wish to finance them. Here are some suggestions to how you can deal with your economy:

  • Work in holidays (kr. 15.000-30.000).
  • Savings.
  • Find personal sponsors from your family or circle of friends. (eks. kr. 100-1.000 pr. month).
  • Ask your church if they want to support your stay or make an agreement that you will choose this church as your ministry practicum during your stay at the College. (kr. 5-10.000).
  • Make a fundraising event in your church/youth work.
  • The leadership scheme (see bottom section).
  • Mariager Bible College Support Club does in some cases offer scholarship (contact Tina Wirtz for more information)
  • Search for communal/international opportunities for support.

You can also apply for support here

Mariager Bible College supports new Danes, international students, students who want to complete their bachelor’s and marginalized young people who do not have the opportunity to finance a stay at Mariager Højskole. Apply for support here!

The leadership scheme

Let your church support you. Mariager Bible College and UngMosaik (formerly PBU) offer a solution in collaboration, so that more leaders can be developed in a good professional environment, combined with internships in the local Child and Youth Work in the church. If your church sees you as a future leader that it wants to invest in, they have the opportunity to support you. If you and your church are interested in applying for the leadership scheme, contact the principal.

Leif Petterson: