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For your stay at Mariager Bible College, you choose the LINE and the TRACK that appeals to you. Below we describe which Lines and Tracks you can choose from and what they contain. In addition, you can choose a number of ELECTIVES that suit you and in the catch that suits you. Your stay at Mariager Højskole can therefore be put together in many ways. Whether you prefer an intense year with tightly packed program and as much as possible on the experience, or you need a quiet program with time for recreation. When you start your Bible College stay, you sit down with your Coach and you put your schedule together. In addition to the above, every morning starts with the morning gathering Wake Up and every Tuesday evenings are our joint Connect worship services. Life & Info and Belong are mandatory. You have a total of at least 21 hours of teaching, internships, electives etc.

On the streams you can dive into the topics that are relevant to you. Whether it is how to interpret the Bible, how to grow or how to lead volunteers, we have a stream for you.

Four out of five days a week are spent on your chosen stream, and here you will have the opportunity to debate, reflect and ask questions. You will also be drawn into the teaching’s interactive exercises where your perspectives and life experiences come into play.

The goal for all of the streams is the same – that Jesus will transform your life.

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As a student at Mariager Bible College, you choose your track, cultivate and develop your talents and gifts, and invest your abilities in building the kingdom of God.

The track is composed of teaching, sparring and fieldwork every single week. The track will develop your personal abilities, and be super practical. Read more about each track on the following page:

+ Film & Communication

+ Worship & Music

+ Talent & Performing Arts

+ Sports & Adventure

+ Diakonia & Psychology

+ Philosophy & Analytics

+ Church & Leadership

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Develop the aspects of yourself that help bring color and joy to life

Explore the world with friends and purpose

Our network opens the doors for you to meet unique characters with inspiring stories and commitment to meaningful projects. Step out into unfamiliar cultures, which will challenge your social skills, and experience the unity of your team. These are trips that will widen your horizon.


Fall / The Europe Trip gives you the opportunity to experience and meet needs in a completely different European church culture. Here you will get to show practical love and care, which will make a difference to the people you meet and leave a permanent impression on you.


Winter / Be inspired by what your talents and abilities can be used for. Travel with your track, engage in specific projects and be challenged to dream big.


Spring / The Study Trip will give you a unique opportunity to explore the places where Christianity was founded. Walk in the footsteps of important Biblical figures, while teachers and local guides breathe life into history.

Possible destinations:

Bible College Life is…

It is the magical part of the school that cannot possibly be described on these pages. It is the heartbeat – when the indescribable atmosphere arises. It is when your to-do list is almost finished, and you are lying in the hammocks, when you find the wet suits and swim across the fjord, when you race your bikes through the forest with a high pulse, when you join a Bible study group and read through the Bible from cover to cover, when time stands still by the beach bonfire at sunset, or when the auditorium turns into a casino and the Bonds and babes of the night test their gambling skills. Everything that arises… This is Bible College life…



As a student at Mariager Bible College you get your own personal certified coach, who meets with you once a month. Here, your walk with God and people will be the focus, and no subject is too big or too small.

By asking the right questions, your coach will help you reflect on where you come from, where you are now, and where you are going. The conversations can be about your personal goals and your progress, or they can process events and challenges from everyday life. They can dive into your story and identity, help clarify your dreams and your calling or work through deeper questions about faith.


At Mariager Bible College we emphasize an uplifting atmosphere of faith, worship, prayer and inspiration. As a student you will have gatherings every morning, at least one weekly service and special inspirational conferences with international speakers at the school.


The Belong group is the small fellowship in the big school environment. The group eats breakfast together every day and meets once a week, where there is time for drinking coffee, praying, sharing lives, reading the Bible and going on trips together.

It is possible to study an internationally approved AlphaCrusis bachelor’s degree for three years at Mariager Bible College, at the same time as you develop your gifts in active service.

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The best presentation of Mariager Bible College is Mariager Bible College. Therefore, we would like to invite you to visit us. Choose two days that suit you and get “all inclusive” completely free. Many do, and the response is always the same: Thank you, more please! Contact us via form / email or call us and book your stay.

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